Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Overheard at a Liebenzell Missions Conference in Germany

Sunday, September 12, 2010, Liebenzell Mission International
Fall Missions Festival in Bad Liebenzell, Germany, in the northern Black Forest.

The event, under the motto of “Being Genuine”, started with a service in the tent, with Hans Peter Royer giving the message. Royer is the director of the Torchearers’ “Tauernhof” in the Austrian ski resort of Schladming. In addition, he is working as a mountain guide and as an author of books. In his message Royer reminded us that there are Christians who see their faith as an employment contract. Their profession, career and family already put quite a strain on them, so that it becomes an extra burden for them as Christians to be actively involved in the church or in their community. However, these people have succumbed to a misunderstanding: “Jesus Christ calls people to Himself, in order to give them life, not to put extra burdens on them. He wants to be neither number one nor number five in our list of activities. He wants to be the Lord who goes with us into all tasks assigned to us,” said the speaker. He emphasized that God’s love is without limits. Many people have difficulties with this because they do not know such a love from their own life experiences. “Human love always remains tied to conditions. God’s love goes beyond our thinking and experiences. Only when people internalize this love of Christ, will they be free to be what God created them for. Then they can live as joyful children of God,” said Royer.